SUPERMAN & CLARK KENT - Why Does Nobody Recognize Him?

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So we all know that when Superman takes his glasses on he becomes ordinary journalist Clark Kent and no one recognizes him as the Man of Steel. This has been a fact for so long that no one seem to care about how stupid it is. Seriously, is all of Metropolis and DC's population devoid of IQ? Even Lex Luthor, one of the most brilliant minds in all of DC is unable to figure out Clark Kent's true identity. What the deuce?? I'm sure many Superman fans are happy not caring and think it's silly that people want plausible characters, but plausibility for me is crucial to be able to take a story seriously. Seriously, Superman moving planets is MORE plausible than him being unrecognizable because of a pair of glasses. The only possible explanations I can find for this intellectual fallacy among the DC universe population is either:
a) For the DC population, face recognition goes higgledy-piggledy when people wear different clothes (because we know people aren't straightout stupid, didn't Lex Luthor once create a time machine in prison from an orange or something like that?)
b) No one has actually seen Superman's face because he never stays at one place long enough for people to get a good look at his face (which he does, but it could have been a plausible explanation)
c) Superman has some kind of unknown confusing power that makes people unable to recognize his alter ego (this is interesting, what kind of power could that be?)
Alternative C is the most plausible one to me, anyone have any suggestions to what such a power could be? The video in this article will try to explain this phenomena seriously.
Check this link for a real indepth explanation around The nuerological explanation for why the Daily Planet staff falls for the lousy Clark Kent Disguise

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