Angry Cyclist moves car out of bike lane

Road user films the strongman lifting the car into the air by its rear bumper
  • Cyclist side-steps to his right and moves the entire car out of the bike lane
  • He then gets back on bike and heads off to cheers from stunned onlookers 

  • An infuriated cyclist picked up and moved a car parked in a bike lane before jumping back on the saddle and continuing on his way.

    The strongman, who has yet to be identified, was captured on camera by a car driver, who quickly left his vehicle to shoot the action.In the video, which is believed to have been filmed in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the man can be seen standing behind the car and holding the bottom of its bumper with both hands.

    A number of people record him on smart phones as he lifts it up from the ground and holds the weight of the car with ease.
    The crowd then begin cheering in amazement as the man side-steps to his right with the car.

    At one point he momentarily loses his grip and drops the vehicle, but he remains focused and without skipping a beat picks up the car and continues the job.
    Once the car has been adequately moved out of the bike lane, the man makes a dismissive gesture with his hand and returns to his bicycle.

    The video concluded with the strongman mounting his bicycle and peddling away to the sounds of cheering from the crowd

    He then jumps back on the saddle and peddles off to the sounds of adoration from the crowd of onlookers.
    The video was posted to YouTube by Joe Loreto yesterday and was entitled: 'O homem mais forte do mundo', which translates as 'The strongest man in the world'.
    The clip has so far received over 600,000 views and a number of comments from impressed YouTube users.
    Gareth Robins wrote: 'I wish I had the strength,' while Christine Price said: 'This man is my hero.' 

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