Mayweathers Victory was one sided

Money Mayweather came to win, not to fight. He threw less punches but made each punch count, he held his ground for most of the match and effectively used the ropes when he needed to and it was this tactic that Pacquiao couldn't deal with. He didn't do that much shoulder rolling on the ropes as Pacquiao's south paw stance and left hand could have got round the shoulder.

Mayweathers ability to move and consistently land well placed punches saw him outsmart Pacquiao who for the most part of the fight was on the receiving end of those well placed jabs. Mayweather is a defensive fighter, that is his style.

Floyd threw 435 punches, Manny threw 429. So far, so closely-fought. Then it south for the Pacman- Mayweather landed 148 to Pacquiao’s 81; 267 Mayweather jabs with 67 landed, 193 from Pac with just 18 on target. Pacquiao threw more ‘power punches’ – 236 – but only landed 63. Mayweather landed 81 of 168.

I really wanted Pacquiao to win, but Mayweathers win was an outright one. Manny was taking right hands the entire evening and although he did land some solid punches mainly in the fourth round, for the rest of the night it hardly seemed like he had a strategy to counter Mayweather. Watch the match again carefully and see how one sided Mayweathers victory was. 

Mayweather fought like a champion and with the temperament of the true olympian that he is. Love him or hate him he is a great fighter and in my opinion his business acumen has protected his interests far more than any other champion we've ever known in boxing. 

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