What if Batman was from Chennai?

All you Batman fans, move over The Dark Knight and check this out! A desi Batman, more like a Tamilian Batman, is in the house, more like on YouTube. And he is hilarious.

Make some noise for a Batman-software-engineer-prospective-groom rolled into one.

And if you're a batman-fanatic -- What If Batman Was From Chennai? --
Bruce Wayne would be Bruceothaman Waynekatraman whose empire is Starch Industries.
He would get scolded for not working in IT "like Srinivasan's son", and for "always coming late home" - somewhat mandatory for the Dark Knight.

Every time he is on a mission to rescue someone, his father needs to be dropped to the bank.
the first video from a new South Indian YouTube channel is the best thing you'll see today, if not the most amusing. It shows Batman's (bully of a) father nagging him about wearing black, just about all the time, but not before hounding our favourite superhero for returning home late in the night. Oh and calling him (that'd be Batman) a 'useless fellow'. Can you believe it? Us neither.

But make no mistake: This Batman might have some serious daddy issues, but "It's not who he is, it's what he does that defines him."

The video by Put Chutney, which was launched on April 8 by Culture Machine, a digital video entertainment company, captures a day in the life of a Batman from Batmanabhapuram as he fights sore throats, gets slapped with his very first speeding ticket, oh, and wait-for-it, meets Catwoman!

Watch out for veteran Tamil actor Delhi Ganesh, who plays Alfred in the satirical glimpse into the life of Batman.

And while we are at it, here's a fair warning: We also enjoyed the bit where, Batman meets Ironman. So, don't miss that!

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