Tembisa teacher assaults learners

A teacher at Boitumelong High School in Tembisa has apparently been caught on camera kicking, slapping and grabbing two learners by their necks after they failed to submit an assignment. The video which went viral during the past week has led to the teachers suspension.

Boitumelong High School recently made headlines in the press when they became one of the pilot schools to virtualise the classrooms using smart technology with wifi, interactive boards and tablets for pupil. 

"The cost of the digital transformation was carried in part by private-public partnerships, with the budget for school books being diverted to fund tablets and e-books".

I think if such measures have been taken to virtualise classrooms, CCTV shouldn't be that far a stretch for schools to have in classrooms as well, it could be a good deterrent against this kind of assault and at the same time can also regulate good behaviour amongst learners. What do you think?

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