SPOILER ALERT: First Look at the Red Suit From Marvel's Daredevil

For Marvel Studios, this Friday we will see the release of the brand new series Daredevil from Netflix. Just like house of cards and many of the other tv series released on Netflix, we can expect all episodes to be simultaneously released for our binge watching pleasure  

For those unfamiliar with the superhero, Murdock was blinded by a radioactive substance as a young boy, but while he lost his sight his other senses heightened to an extreme level. More of a street level hero than Iron Man or Captain America, he patrols the streets of Hell's Kitchen at night and works to stop crime from flooding the streets. 

Marvel have plenty of catching up to do with DC's television combined universe, IMHO I don't think Marvels Agents of Shield and Agent Carter come anywhere close to Dc's Arrow, Flash, maybe Daredevil will be their game changer, let watch this space.

In the mean time enjoy this costume spoiler trailer.
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