Jurassic World Trailer - First Look at Indominus

The new Jurassic World trailer just dropped on the internet and it looks far more action packed than any of the other previous Jurassic parks.

Every Jurassic Park film has attempted to up the ante. The second one saw T-Rex rampaging through the mainland, and the third installment of the original trilogy saw Alan Grant leading two desperate parents on a mission to save their son lost in dino-infested territory. So, with the attraction fully up and running, how does Jurassic World raise the stakes? Easy. Indominus Rex.

Their solution is to genetically create a new dinosaur – known as the Indominus Rex – but this plan backfires when the incredibly dangerous creature manages to escape its pen and stir up some chaos.

Indominus is the motherfucker of all dinosaurs, Indominus can swim, eat great whites, this movie is about mayhem, Raptors hunting alongside man like dogs. Pterodactyls hawking down on prey like they’re drunk at the bar at closing time.

I got nothing more to say, just watch the trailer.
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