South Africas got Talent semi Final 3

The Third and last semi final took place yesterday evening, after last night, the 6 top acts will have their final showdown on Thursday evening where the winner of the fourth season will be crowned. This has definitely been one of the most competitive seasons where the judges really had their work cut out for them, with only two places left, 4 really talented acts from last night are going to have to go home. Below are my favourites from last night.
This group of three couples have been together for the last nine years.
They have been dancing at Kim’s Dance Studio, and have been part of the Federation of Dancesport South Africa (FEDANSA) and World Dancesport Federation (WDSF). Their greatest ambition is to become world Latin dance champs. To add to that, their greatest accomplishment is that they all have are SA titles behind them.Their routine last night was bigger and far more flashy than their audition, Ian thinks that they over danced, I think their over the top performance was necessary

In last weeks semi final I was impressed with U.C.K who as a duo executed a very well synchornised dubstep performance. This week we have Luzuko "Ludopie" Namba, this young   Dubstepper from Margate Kzn, started dancing by imitating Micheal Jackson. Through the years, he has moved on to pantsula, hip hop, crumping, popping and locking, and eventually dubstep. His choreography was stunning and very creative. South Africa's very own Marquese Scott in the making. What really makes him stand out is that his dubstepping is a wonderful fusion of local dance styles. I hope he makes the final

Nadia has a great voice but I don't think her song choices in both her performances really resonated with the audience, her broad-way approach to the South Africa's got talent show may not be the best strategy to really show case her talent.

My Final 3 are Nadia Van Der Westhuizen, Lil Diezo and Johnny Apple. I think that if Nadia wants to stand a chance of winning SAGT she needs to step up her performance in the final by choosing a song that really brings out the best in her.

The Results show for semi-final 3 will take place (tonight)  Wednesday, 16 October at 21:35PM, the  Live Finale – Thursday, 17 October at 7:30PM and the Results show – Thursday, 17 October at 9PM. So stay tuned its going to be a roller-coaster.

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