Johnny Apple - South Africa's Got Talent 2013 Winner

It's been a long road to the finals but at the end of the day, we had a decent Top 6. For my money, it's a pretty solid line-up: while I might have had other favorites along the way, last night we were treated to a diverse selection of performers who all capably delivered a grand finale on their big night. In a night of do-overs, The Justin Leigh band, Luzuko Namba, Lil Diezo, Nadia Van Der Westhuizen and Johnny Apple, revisited and retweaked their earlier performances for their final faceoff.

Six acts anxiously awaited the final minutes of Thursdays  South Africa's Got Talent finale on ETV live from the Alex Theatre in Braamfontein. Before the moment of truth finally arrived the audience and the general viewing public were treated with a live performance from electrifying kwaito star Dr. Malinga or Malingarised the audience with his lovable personality and goofy choreographed moves that both entertained and admittedly moved me to get up of my sofa and malinga dance. After all the sms's from the shows loyal fan base were tallied, Johnny Apple was crowned the 4th Seasons winner in a contest that has to date been the most competitive.

Congratulations to Johnny Apple . He was a crowd favourite from his very first performance and rightfully so, he oozed confidence and humility that earned him a special place in the hearts of thousands of young South Africans who were swooning in his awesomeness and mesmerised by his good looks. I think his performance in the finals weren't as good as his auditions but nevertheless he still managed to pull off a remarkable performance that earned the well deserved title of the best act on the 4th Season of Sa's got talent.

  Lil Diezo's performance was monumental in the finals, with shades of Tupac and Will Smith, this young rapper sang his heart out with perfectly timed metaphors and a flawless performance that would put many of our top local rap artists to shame, I'm sad that he didn't win, Over the course of Sa's got talents 4th season, Lil Diezo definitely grew in confidence he deserved to be in the final and I think he definitely deserved to win. Keep you head up homey, there's a bright future waiting for you.


 Justin lee and Jamie Leigh, the talented sibling duo from Fairlands, Randburg who together make up the Justin Leigh band powered through the #SAGT as if they were meant to be in the finals and the rest of the audition portion of the show was just a formality. Having entered SAGT as a band who've only played together for 10 months,I think they are destined to one day win SAGT if this season only served as a taste of things to come. I'm telling you now........Watch this space.

While I'm sad that South Africa's most coveted talent show is now behind us, I look forward to season 5 where a brand new set of acts who were inspired by this season prepare themselves to set a new precedent. Thank you Rapid Blue and @KeeLeenIrvine for such a superb world class production. 
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