BBM for Android and iOS now available For Samsung and Iphone users in South Africa

 After a 72 hour wait, I finally have Blackberry Messenger installed on my Android Device, the app isn't yet available on Google Play but if you have a Samsung device it is available through the Samsung app store . The app has been downloaded so far by more than 10 million users, this has to be some kind of record.

The company originally planned to release its messaging app late last month, but those plans were abruptly pushed back when an early version of the Android app publicly leaked ahead of schedule. The company says that "about 1 million" Android users were using the unreleased version of BBM for Android, and BlackBerry is also claiming that more than 1 million iOS users managed to "side load" the app onto iPhone.

But unfortunately it appears that BlackBerry is still very much concerned about an initial surge of users. It's implementing a registration wait list; upon opening the app, you'll have to enter an email address to reserve your spot. Anyone that signed up for information about the mobile apps at won't have to wait, but new signups will have to deal with the virtual queue. Despite being despised by users, the wait list has become an increasingly popular tactic among startups.

BBM fans who signed up on the official site will be able to use the application immediately. But those who haven't can download the app to "hold your spot in line," and will get an e-mail when they can start using the service. As it currently stands, BBM is available through Apple app store and Samsung app store, the App is also on Google Play but currently not available to download yet in the South African Google play store.

Whether BBM is better or not and whether it can survive in a world littered with competitors, only time will tell but at least we can have a quick look a the messaging app in this comparison.

At first glance, BBM and WhatsApp appear to differ significantly from each other, but both messengers incorporate, at their core, the same functions and options. Whether BBM has enough in it to stand out from the pack, that’s for you to decide.

Invite Friends Yes
eg by SMS, Facebook, Hangouts, Google+, Email, LinkedIn or Skype
eg by SMS, email, NFC, PIN or QR Code Scan
Address Book auto-update Yes No
Registration type By cell phone number By E-Mail
Use on multiple devices No No
Chat features Sending text messages, emoticons
attachments voice messages, photos (gallery or camera), location, contacts, videos
Copy complete chat history
Sending text messages, emoticons
attachments voice messages, photos (gallery or camera)
Copy complete chat history
Add another chat partner
Group Chats Yes Yes
Broadcasts Yes Yes
Widgets No Yes
Additional functions Adjustment of layout and notifications for each chat
Blocking contacts
Direct call from contacts
Group management (appointments, tasks, lists, notes, photos)
Blocking contacts
"Pinging" of people
Price Free for 1 year. 0.99 cents per year afterwards. Free

I know just from personal experience, friends who have long stood by BBM are excited that their friends on other devices will be able to chat with them at long last with their beloved “messenger” service. Will that steadfast user base be enough to bring people over to try it out? I have a hard time convincing myself to make the change as I already have a good base of friends using WhatsApp already.

The greatest asset of the BBM is the management of groups and that may be the core strength behind it: concentrating on the student and business crowds. As well, you don’t sign in with a phone number and “lock” a device to your account, but rather use a BlackBerry ID which is e-mailed to you, which is good if you plan on using across multiple platforms, particularly good for ipad users who have been long deprived of IM chat clients.

So, what do you think so far of BBM? Is it enough for you to make the change?


Samsung Users, Download BBM Here|@sn=SAPS|@qh=1766029621|@qid=SAPS.SRCH|@q=bbm|@tot=2|@idx=0|@doc=G00017255551|@title=nil

Apple Users, Download BBM here 

Direct Link for BBM to Google play store and Apple App Store for both Apple and Android users

Android Users, Download BBM here


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