South Africa Got Talent - Episode 19 September 2013

Trevor Schoonraad- Pole Artist
Trevor Schoonraad the 35 year old pole artist from Woodstock, Cape Town, executed his performance with precision, agility and remarkable strength. I would really like to see him progress really far in SAGT but it maybe difficult to secure the judges satisfaction after this performance which has set everybody's expectations really high. Nevertheless, his performance is wonderous to behold.

Tronix - Electrifying dance group
Here's a local group who have added some flair to the normal run of the mill dance groups that we see every year at SAGT, with the stiff competition at SAGT this year, I'm curious to see if they will be able to sustain the interest with more riveting and possibly different dance routines.

ChilliBoy and Er.......Shado
The Guy in this video had a good plan, eating chillies while standing in a bucket of ice, unfortunately there was not enough ice in the bucket to put out the fire in his mouth. He seemed quite comfortable until his act was upstaged by Shado Twala, one of the shows hosts who decided to try out the chillies herself. Chilli boy seemed to look like he buckled under pressure and succumbed to Shado's star power, who from the video seriously looked she was more comfortable eating the chillies than Chillie boy was,  Shoo bra!!!........

Daneon Kruger- Rapper
Young Daneon Kruger performs on SA's got talent delivering a heartfelt rap about the ills of youth and growing up.

Although his performance seemed quite sincere, it lacked the energy and the strong will to really drive his powerful message to the listeners across to listeners but at the end, i think the judges were fair in passing through to next round. I'm sure they too are probably hoping that he will bring it next time around. I hope he does, he has a lot of potential.

Julian Wenn - Singer/ Entertainer
It's very evident from Julian's performance, that the producers have given a more serious look into the type of contestants they want to attract. The previous SAGT seemed to lack contestants that had the type of star quality we've seen from contestants like Julian and some of the other contestants featured in this season and more particularly in this episode. In fact as you will notice from some of the links attached to each of these reviews that several of the contestants in this season thus far come from a semi professional performing background. It definitely makes the show more competitive and worth watching.Click the links below to follow and learn more about and Julian and his "Wentertainment" company. 

Arnold “uncle Numbers” Abrahams 
One can't fault the confidence that some of these contestants have when they enter the stage. Uncle numbers seemed very confident in his ability its just a pity that he couldn't remember the numbers, I think he was quite entertaining however and if he didn't take himself so seriously and added more elements to his act, he could have turned his forgetfulness into a charming act.  I wonder if Kabelo was really telling the truth, about him getting Jaco's number wrong..........


Lloyd Kandlin - Acrobatic Clown
Its great that this year SA's Got Talent has attracted some interestingly unique acts, one of those acts is Lloyd Kandlin, I think he is a stunt clown of sorts, but his daredevil performance seems to suit his somewhat off the edge cartoon character persona which makes him very interesting to watch.

Follow Lloyd Kandlin

Siyabonga "Bob" Swelindawo - Juggler
Similar to the interestingly unique act above, several acts keeping within the circus /acrobatic theme have made there way onto SAGT but unlike the many contestant who have entered Sa Got talent who are jugglers, very few have exhibited the type of skill as shown by Siyabonga, and looking at some of his other performances, I got a feeling this dude is going to progress quite far into the show, watch this space.

Watch more from Siyabonga

Nadia Van Der Westhuizen - Singer
Nadia sparkled in her performance as a solo act. Ian made the right choice by asking her to sing on her own.I'm not to sure what her background in the entertainment industry is but she filled the stage and infected the entire audience with her boundless energy and her rendition of the famous Broadway musical New York New York. Lets hope that she has more variation to her repertoire.

Read more about Nadia's performance here.

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