Mr. Olympia 2013

As much as I love Kai Greene and wanted him to win this years Mr. Olympia, 33 year old Phil Heath brought his super A game to Mr. O this year, You can clearly see he has put in a lot of hard work into improving the size and thickness of his back and came onto the stage dry and tight, looking much firmer than Kai Green who has also tremendously improved on his physique since last year.

This is Phil Heaths 3rd title as Mr. Olympia, his hard work over the years along with his consistency is paying off in increasing his legacy in what I think is one of the most physically demanding sports. Mr. Olympia is one of those competitions where the judges have their work cut out for them.

Most of the athletes even before making the final 10 line up are very close in Muscle size and symmetry forcing the judges to closely scrutinize every athlete several times before making their final decision, but after the pre-judging and final line up, Phil heath stood head and shoulders above all his competitors earning him the title of Mr. Olympia putting my personal favourite Kai in second place two years in a row.

The Final line up was exciting to watch made up of several past champions, for me it was amazing to see Dexter Jackson in the line up who won Mr. O back in 2008 more so because of his years in the sport, both him and 4 time champion Jay Cutler have been doing Mr. Olympia since forever,  Jays comeback this year was highly anticipated it and even though he achieved 6th position it was somewhat disappointing to see his physique deteriorate from what we remembered.

 While Cutler and Jackson finished outside the top four, Heath's massive dry physique proved the ultimate in the contest, winning him the grandest prize in tournament history before the sold-out massive crowd.

Heath was definitely a favourite coming into the competition and he was universally loved by all the judges this year who scored him very favourably in all his line ups, this cumulative advantage he as achieved over the past 3 years will hold him in good stead going into next years competition where he will no doubt attempt to win his fourth title,where if he wins will equal Jay Cutlers achievement certainly placing him among the greats, (unless of course if Kai Greene has anything to say about that next year). Till then, he can hold his head up high with the crown title of being the best bodybuilder in the world.

Watch the complete Mr. Olympia 2013 webcast here.

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