Racist Xpanda advertisement

The Xpanda radio advertisement that has caused an outcry on social media in South Africa for alleged racism. Xpanda have taken racial profiling and criminal typification liberties in advertising their security gate.

In South Africa many advertisers take the liberty of "unknowingly" perpetuating racial stereotypes, in fact, perceptions about the presumed racial identity of
criminals may be so ingrained in public consciousness that race does not even need
to be specifically mentioned for a connection to be made between the two because it
seems that “talking about crime is talking about race” The media provide readily accessible depictions of criminality,which may help to shape stereotypical perceptions about crime an race.
We don't see it the way we see Xpandas blatant advertising but big companies frequently subtly manipulate the fear and indignation of citizens by conjuring fright-inducing images, which is why so many people who are financial capable opt for medical aid, private schools, private security etc

Xpanda probably believe that any advertising is good advertising, this is why they have publicly defended their advert but I'm sure with all the pressure from twitter we can expect a retraction along with an apology before Friday morning (watch this space)

Bad form Xpanda

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