Crowd Delivers Tear-Jerking American National Anthem

If there is one thing that the Americans are great at and noted for, it is the unwavering patriotism. In the wake of the Boston Marathon Bombings,Wednesday's NHL game between the hometown Bruins and visiting Buffalo Sabres marked the first major sporting event in Boston since Monday's deadly bombings at the Boston Marathon. (A Celtics home game on Tuesday was called off.)

As is done in most national sports, the national anthem is sung before the start of the game. THe singer of this anthem who took centre ice was in for a overwhlemingly pleasant surprise. Just a few seconds in, in an amazing display of patriotism, the crowd sang the Anthem in unison drowning out the Anthem singer completely.

This is an astounding video and bears testament to the power of sport in bringing together people during times of adversity. Worldwide people are devasted by this heinous act of terror, though we may not be able to fully come to terms with the tenacity of pain felt by those who were involved or those who have lost loved ones, their pain is our pain and it is difficult to watch this video without somehow feeling connected to the emotion this Heart rendering Anthem is sung with.

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