702 Ster Kinekor Little One Preview

Ster Kinekor in conjunction with Talk Radio 702 last night screened a preview of the movie Little One at Ster Kinekor- Sandton City. 

Little One tells a story of a six-year-old girl, played by Vuyelwa Msimang, who is found left for dead on the dunes near a township in Johannesburg. She is found by a middle-aged woman, Pauline (Lindiwe Ndlovu who won a SAFTA for her performance), who rushes her to hospital. What transpires afterward is a triumph of love and hope that is nurtured by the lead character Pauline and the title character little one

Lindiwe Ndlovu  who I never knew before this movie, acted brilliantly and brought her character Pauline amazingly to life with a heartfelt and thoughtful performance. The performance of a lead actor/ actress has the potential to make or break a movie, Lindiwe's performance is simple and engaging which adds depth and integrity to her character and the story, you can immediately recognise her caring and motherly nature that endears the audience to her.
It's a sad fact of life here in South Africa that rape is so prevalent, at one point in the movie Pauline mentions that "life here is cheaper than cigarettes" a statement really indicative of the living standards we have come to accept. 

“The thing about rape in this country, in a lot of countries, is that it is prevalent, but it’s all hidden because it is considered a shameful thing.
“You don’t want to admit to it but it’s part of the condition of living in South Africa.
“For me, what was interesting was not so much the young child being raped, but telling the story about the woman who finds her, exploring the attitude towards the incident.
“I was fascinated by the story of this person who has nothing physically, but has so much more than anyone else in terms of the human spirit. I thought Pauline was an interesting character.
Darrel Roodt
At times little one loses momentum where the storyline seems a bit deflated because of a poor 
supporting cast but the cinematography is beautiful and creates visually stunning imagery that gives you a nice cursory overview with great depth of feel of the way Pauline and her family live. Lindiwes performance gets a strong 7/10, the movie gets 6/10, it achieved what it set out to do without relying on gratuitous violence. It definitely worth a watch

Little one Opened in Ster Kinekor theatres today.

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