Wonder Woman Trailer

YouTube has become a starting block for many projects that have developed into gems, case in point is the Mortal Kombat Legacy series, which evolved from a trailer into one of the most successful webisodes series on the Internet.

The Director of Mortal Kombat introduced a very different format of story telling and film making with Mk Legacy series, the episodes were approximately 7 minutes long that had very relevant and necessary story lines exploring the origin stories of characters with new and interesting twists. Audiences on the Internet responded very well to this refreshing new approach and waited in anticipation every week to watch the new episodes. The success of the web series with its phenomenal online viewership had massive implications for the franchise who have now secured distribution through Warner Brothers and are in filming for the next season.

Now we have this remarkable Wonder Woman fan made trailer that finds itself revived by Jesse V Johnson, a stuntman/ B Grade Movie director who made this with a ridiculous budget of $3500.  The trailer has a very interesting tone that can quite easily be developed into a successful web series or a full length movie. Lets hope studio execs from DC are watching this and smacking their chops at the prospect of future development for the Wonder Woman franchise.
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