Sarens Edenvale Marathon

The Edenvale Road Warriors hosted their Annual race sponsored by Sarens this weekend, which comprised of a 42.2km, 21.1km and 5km. The race was very well attended and took place from the Edenvale High School.

The Official Route Description 
The  half marathon is on-lap of the marathon route. this undulating routes starts with an easy downhill canter and for the next six kilometres you enjoy an easy downhill stretch before you a hit a short, sharp hill. Between the six-and 11 kilometre markers there are three small bumps, but the going over this section is slow and steady as you work your way to the highest point and the 14- kilometre marker.

Once over this you will find running to the 16 kilometre marker pleasantly downhill to flat. shoulder in to another gentle pull of about 2 kilometre which takes you to the 18-kilometre marker. The final stretch to the finish is an enjoyable flat to downhill experience with no problems.

The Main Ou's Pace Band
 We decided very late in the week that we wanted to take part but after today's experience I'm glad that we did. This is my first half marathon in 8 years, I've been putting in a fair amount of training recently and getting some decent mileage into my legs but my goal today was to get mum in around 2hrs30min.

The Main Ou's Pace Band
I knew that it wasn't going to be easy so in addition to our training and to safeguard us from not making the 3hr cut off, we used the paceband as a guideline. Preparing a pace band like the one pictured alongside (available from runners world tools- I don't have a printer so I wrote mine) here allows you to work around a comfortable average km without over exerting and panicking.The terrain map I drew on my forearm was very helpful, though you may not agree, I think its good to know what lays ahead so you can closely gauge your effort to your paceband.

My Route Description and race Experience
The weather this morning was ideal and perfect to try to set a Pb.The route traversed through a very undulating course but was definitely conducive to building a nice rhythm with a "mind over matter"attitude, it also helped that there were no vulgar discouraging hills. We were ahead of the paceband till 13kms, more commitment to our training will definitely see us improve. Their route was well marked at every kilometre and Marshall's were plentiful , guiding and encouraging runners all the way .Water stations were well placed and nicely stocked, Coke, Water, and I think I grabbed an energy sachet from one of the points, turbovite it may have been...I think. We finished off in 2hrs44min

Entry Fee and value for money
My entry cost me R105-00 but this is because i entered late and I had to purchase a temp licence because i do not belong to a club. The value for money in this race is outstanding, Over the years I have run in many road races and this event stands because they don't treat you like a leper if you have entered late.

 At the end of the race,we received a beautifully designed keepsake medal and a goodie bag filled with items that are usually synonymous with some of the more popular bigger races in South Africa. Take a look at the pic, there's the usual runners essentials like arnica oil, anti-chafe cream, then there is voucher to spur, a silver hope keyring bracelet thingee, a bioplus energy drink and the Sunday Times. What about the amazing T-shirt made from runner friendly material, the cap however was from the 5km that my Dad did. There were also plenty of festivities and food vendors (with great wors)on the grounds after the race that added to the amazing atmosphere.

When a race is as well organised as the Sarens Edenvale marathon was, it becomes a very enriching and encouraging experience for the runner and everybody else involved. A Big thank you to Endenvale Road Warriors and Sarens. This race is will become a permanent fixture on my calendar.

Here is my rating  for this race 
PB Potential 80%,
Atmosphere 80%,
organisation 80%,
Value 80%,
beginner friendliness 80% 
Parking (we parked just outside the school- very easily accessible)80%

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