Parking in Joburg and tarrifs

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Paid parking in the Joburg Metro area and surroundings is set to increase by 50 cents to R9-00 for card holders and R9-50 for non card holders by the 1st July 2013 as pointed out by Ward 117 Councillor - Tim Truluck in this document on Page 9. The Joburg city council need to re-look their billing strategy. I imagine offering per minute billing works out far better than their 30 minute block system and I also think that a 50 cent discount for cardholders is too little. Block pricing of half an hour to an hour can be discounted to R4.00 per half hour and R8-00 per hour respectively using their "opt in" approach with their quick park prepaid system, to appease the council, this price is R1-00 more than most parking garages at malls and inner cities. Per minute can even be 16cents per minute which will amount to R9-60 per hour, this can be the standard regulated pricing system. I don't mind paying 16cents per minute if I know that I will be parked for 23 minutes.

This pricing strategy is a happy median that I think will comfortably accommodate everybody. Implementing such a system isn't too difficult, regular Parker's to whom the proposed discount will be targeting, can have a choice of "opting in" for the Quick Park prepaid system that Joburg city currently have in place.  The point being, the City of Johannesburg wont lose out very much considering that the discount system is an "opt in" system that will benefit regular Parker's who dont work for companies that can afford to build high rise inner city parking solutions as MMC Elgina Ndhlovu suggested during the unveiling of the city parking systems roll out. Furthermore people who don't regularly visit the inner city will find per minute billing solutions more appropriate and fair as opposed to the current block pricing system which I stand to be correct also like Parkhurst didn't go through proper public consultation.

I maintain that prepaid kerb side parking in the inner city is a necessity for the many reasons cited by the city of Joburg council which are :

 Efficient use of parking facilities where traffic congestion exists and in creating better use of available space
• Reduction of congestion within areas close to business activity or areas where parking spots are always overcrowded
• Facilitation of free movement of communities at public spaces
• Reducing the risk of damage to vehicles who either get damaged by other motorists or broken into by criminal elements

A well-managed parking system tends to encourage visitors to business nodes because of available parking space relatively close to the place customers wish to visit. This also provides a constant flow of customers and hourly paid parking tends to increase the number of customers. .Read more here.

To be honest however, I don't really understand the logic of the implementation of this system in Parkhurst as most of the benefits above are not entirely applicable in this area. I believe that Joburg city council haven't applied their minds with their billing system and if we choose to just accept their new billing implementation without registering our opinions, we are vetoing an rubber stamping another corrupt practice.

Paid Parking will also be implemented in the following areas soon:
Yeoville, Pan Africa, Bellevue, Cyrildene, Mayfair, Jabulani, Midrand, Lenasia, Randburg, Roodepoort, Randburg, Roodepoort, Florida, Rosettenville, Norwood, Melville, Emmarentia, Rosebank, Birnam, Illovo, Parkview, Sandron, Fordsburg, Greenside, Linden, Rivonia, Craighall Park & Northcliff.


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