Bedfordview State of the Suburb - Become an Active Citizen

On Wednesday evening my girlfriend and I attended the State of the Suburb meeting, held at the Italian club in Bedfordview and hosted by the Bedfordview Community Policing Forum. Crime is an epidemic in South Africa and no Community is exempt from its scourge.

Crime has driven people to live behind locked doors and high walls and the nagging, incessant feeling that any one of us can become a casualty at any time is frightening The very barriers that we have built to keep the criminals out are the very same barriers that keep us fearfully imprisoned and isolated from the community, making our neighbourhoods more susceptible to crime, explained an impassioned Mr. Yusuf Abramjee in his explosive presentation. The CPF is a collaborative partnership between the SAPS and the communities that are meant to identify problems of crime and disorder

Gauteng MEC for Community safety, Faith Nonhlanhla Mazibuko explained in great detail the advantages and benefits of the collaborative relationship between the police and  CPF's. Communities that are empowered to identify and respond to concerns will improve local physical and social environments through increased positive attitudes towards police that in turn will see a reduction in crime.The police will improve their relationship with the community thereby also improving their overall public perception which will ultimately lead to a more conducive working environment. The benefits of becoming an active citizen in this collaborative relationship will also see a decreased potential for police citizen conflict and better implementation of crime prevention and crime control activities, as a result of both parties working towards shared goals

Marina Constas, chairwoman of the bedfordview CPF explained that bedfordview police station faces many challenges on a daily basis. One of them being a lack of resources and space.General Petros was Forthright in his presentation. Highlighting the problems of corruption within the SAPS and measures that have been put into place to address these problem areas, he also offered his commitment in reviving the Bedfordview Police Station upgrade.

The residents of Bedfordview have made an informed choice to maintain a proactive relationship with their local police,this is what it means to be an active citizen. As a resident of the community I too want to enjoy the benefits of living in a safe neighbourhood. It starts with me... It starts with you. Visit your local police station today and become a member of your CPF.

Download the the Bedfordview Community Police Forum  Presentation here
Download a Community Police Forum ToolKit here
Download the Bedfordview Community Police Forum Communicator here

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