Where do internet trolls come from?

Where do Internet trolls come from and why do they exist? I know of many trolls who exist on some of the sites I regularly frequent like Facebook, YouTube and News24. I don't want to mention any names because I don't want to empower them.

Trolls seem to derive a great deal of joy from criticising and humiliating anything and everybody and often times say the most distasteful things. They particularly gain momentum when they are in groups as often seen on News24. There is a fine line that exists between freedom of speech and defamatory and this line is often crossed to the latter and perceived as exercising our constitutional right.

One doesn't really have to look far for examples, read the comments on any article on News24 about Oscar Pistorius's bail hearings, the trolls have come out in true form and like some of our journalists who are quite possibly doing their best work to date and setting new precedents in the way they are reporting from the Pretoria Magistrates court so too are the troll networks flourishing in delivering some of their best defamatory material.

This insightful infographic describes the inner workings of Internet trolls, explaining why they decide to spend their online time in attack mode.

Tapping the expertise of psychologists and experts, it offers solid reasons why this scourge of the Internet continues. This infographic, presented by bestpsychologyschoolsonline.com, concludes with University of Central Lancashire lecturer Claire Hardaker offering ways to prevail over Internet trolls. She combed through nine years' worth of unmoderated comments on an Internet forum, and suggests ways to frustrate — and even thwart — trolls.

So if you have troll stalking your facebook and you want to understand him or her a little better take a look at this infographic.

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