What the Acadamy Awards James bond commemoration video should've been

I have to say that the 50 years commemoration montage video of James Bond at the Academy awards was very disappointing and weak.  Bond movies have become a cultural phenomenon, over the years celebrating the pinnacle of gadget wizardry, state of the art special effects, beautiful women and well written scripts of a secret agent who stands up to the tyranny of evil men no matter what the cost.

Their video was overloaded with unnecessary graphics that only superficially captured bits and pieces of what seemed like a B grade action movie and because they chose to leave out dialogue,none of the satirical attributes that adhered audiences to bond emanated from the video which should have been critical in establishing the connection the academy awards were looking for from the audience.

It would have been cool to see all the James bonds in one place commemorating 50 years, or maybe even a scripted stunt like the opening of the Olympics from last year, cleverly weaved into the evening.

Nevertheless everything turned out ok with dame Shirley Bassey singing Goldfinger (although I think Carly Simon's "Nobody does it better" would also have worked) and Adele winning her first Academy Award for Best Original Song for Skyfall. 

The first video was created by a fan and uploaded to youtube and the second is what appeared at the academy award, take a look at them  both and see why I think the first video is much better.

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