Warm Bodies

Ster Kinekor Sandton hosted an awesome free premier of Warm Bodies last night. Being Valentines day and all, this romantic Zomedy (Zombie comedy that is) was quite fitting.

The film focuses on the development of the relationship between Julie, a young woman, and "R", a zombie, and how their eventual romance develops throughout. The film is noted for displaying human characteristics in zombie characters, and for being told from a zombie's perspective

 Far too often have we been at the receiving end of erhm… excuse the pun, mindless zombie movies. This is a wittingly charming movie that forces you to re-evaluate everything you’ve come to understand about zombies. The movie subtly engages you with with thought provoking life metaphors and subtexts, love and humanity as its core themes as its title “Warm Bodies” suggests.

Zombie movies have always been an experimental playground for directors to try out new things with the horror genre. This movie however, sets new boundaries, giving us a unique perspective from the zombies point of view, up until now nobody has really explored why zombies enjoy eating brains or really explored the social behaviour and dynamics of zombies, this movie does it in fine style. 

It definitely helps that the movie isn’t dark and broody but can be when it needs to. For the most part, it is playful and inviting and doesn’t rely very much on cheap scare tactics although they have their moments to every now and again.I really enjoyed that Warm Bodies took it’s cue from The Walking Dead where it provides a cursory full scale view of the city and the outdoors that adds to the reality of the characters experience.    

The movie references much of its storyline from Romeo and Juliet and carefully repackages themes of death and violence and how they are always connected to passion, whether that passion is love or hate. Love, is a grand passion, and as such it is blinding; it can overwhelm a person as powerfully and completely as hate can.The metaphor "that to love is to live" couldn’t be more appropriate for this movie.

I give this movie a very strong 7/10.Probably the best zombie movie I've seen so far, I definitely recommend you go out and watch this movie but leave your inhibitions at the door when you do. Warm bodies opens in theatres around the on country on Friday 15th March 2013, be sure not to miss it. For booking information visit the Ster Kinekor website.

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