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Ubuntu is open source software and is free to everybody, it is an amazing OS that can optimally perform any of your daily computing tasks with far more efficiency than you may you think. Because it is open source, development works very differently from traditionally propriety branded Os's, case in point, if you are battling to get a driver working on your OS, there is a active community of developers always at hand to provide assistance directly from Ubuntu forums. It has an amazing software centre built into the OS that will always make sure your PC is up to date with thousands of applications available to make your machine more functional, all at no cost. If you haven't yet used Ubuntu you can download for free from here  

And now Ubuntu is heading to the tablet devices. An exciting move that canonical whose founder happens to be South African born Mark Shuttleworth have taken their time in developing what he describes as the following

"Multi-tasking productivity meets elegance and rigorous security in our tablet experience," “Our family of interfaces now scales across all screens, so your phone can provide tablet, PC and TV experiences when you dock it. That's unique to Ubuntu and it's the future of personal computing."

Ubuntu have really overhauled the desktop experience since Ubuntu 11, providing a richer experience to users with more Internet integration. A massive step toward their OS convergence after which Microsoft followed a similar route with their windows 8.

The full release, for users, will be available in Ubuntu 13.10 in October. The full, ready-for-anyone version will be out in Ubuntu 14.04 in April 2014. Shuttleworth also said in today's conference call that Canonical has just signed a deal with "a very large supplier of silicon to mobile industry [who] will be optimizing Ubuntu on their chips." Further details on this partnership will be revealed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in late February.

Ubuntu-tabletIn addition, Shuttleworth said that major phone carriers in the North America, Europe and China will be shipping Ubuntu phones in 2014.
What will Ubuntu bring to the tablet that Apple's iOS and Google's Android don't? Canonical makes the following claims:
  • Unique 'side stage' multi-tasking puts phone and tablet apps on a single tablet screen
  • Secure enterprise tablets: with full disk encryption, multiple secure user accounts and standard management tool that covers Ubuntu server, PC and touch.
  • Real multitasking: Uniquely, Ubuntu allows a phone app on the screen at the same time as a tablet app. The Ubuntu side stage was invented both to enable efficient multitasking and to improve the usability of phone apps on tablets.
  • Secure multi-user: Multiple accounts on one tablet with full encryption for personal data, combined with the trusted Ubuntu security model that is widely used in banks, governments and sensitive environments, making it ideal for work and family use.
  • Voice controlled HUD productivity: The Heads-Up Display, unique to Ubuntu, makes it fast and easy to do complex things on touch devices, and transforms touch interfaces for rich applications, bringing all the power of the PC to your tablet. 
  • Edge magic for cleaner apps: Screen edges are used for navigation between apps, settings and controls. That makes for less clutter, more content, and sleeker hardware. No physical or soft buttons are required. It’s pure touch elegance
  • Content focus: Media is neatly presented on the customizable home screen, which can search hundreds of sources. Perfect for carriers and content owners that want to highlight their own content, while still providing access to a global catalog.
  • Program convergence: Users won't need to worry about which version they'll run on a device. A Ubuntu program will run on all Ubuntu platforms
  • Full convergence: The tablet interface is presented by exactly the same OS and code that provides the phone, PC and TV interfaces, enabling true device convergence. Ubuntu is uniquely designed to scale smoothly across all form factors.
  • Unique convergence across all four form factors: a phone can provide tablet, TV and PC interfaces when docked to the appropriate screen / keyboard / remote.
These are definitely exciting times, Ubuntu offers an unparalleled tablet experience with its convergence and its ability to seamlessly integrate the smart-phone to the tablet to the PC, Ubuntu is not about syncing files and folders, its about continuing the user experience uninterrupted across all of the different platforms something that android, Microsoft or apple haven't yet been able to accomplish.

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