Minister Xingwana tries to Mampararise Afrikaner men

In an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Women, Children and Persons with Disabilities Minister Lulama Xingwana spoke out about the arrest and murder charge against paralympian Oscar Pistorius. She unflinchingly made the following racist remarks.

“Young Afrikaner men are brought up in the Calvinist religion
 believing that they own a woman, they own a child, they own everything and therefore they can take that life because they own it.”  

And to make matters worse, she thereafter apologised and said

 "I was quoted out of context. I was not speaking about Afrikaner men per say, 
I was talking about religious practices". 

Either way it sounds ridiculous, which ever context she is referring to.  I think her racist comment is only applicable and in its best context in "Lululand". Her apology comes amidst a flurry of complaints that are threatening to be lodged against her at the South African Human Rights Commission from other parties and Parliamentry representatives 

This original video and transcript of the interview originally appear in the Article titled "Pistorius case highlights South Africas's gun violence" at the following link
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