KFC Big Movie Experience - Review

With summer peaking, KFC couldn't have capitalised on a better time for their big movie experience. The Saturday evening Back To the Future event was well attended with families coming out in their numbers for a relaxing enjoyable social afternoon and thereafter evening under the stars.

The event was very well organised, all movie goers where given a wrist strap for entry and a goodie bag along with free popcorn. There were plenty of activities before the movie started that kept the audience entertained with spot prizes for people who were seen eating KFC. The rugby stadium accommodated the large crowd with ease, mostly because of the strategic layout plan executed by the organisers.The movie started at 8pm shortly after the sun set but this is definitely the kind of event that you need to get to super early in order to secure a good space.

Nothing feels more like a summer evening to me than watching a movie in an open space on a picnic blanket, and under the stars. Although I have been to outdoor movies before, each event is unique in its own way. We watched Back to the future, an absolute classic that seems to be getting better with time.


1.It's a free event for the public
2. They encourage picnicking, how Rad is that? So if you're one of those Grinches who buys KFC and sneaks it into the movies because you don't want to pay for the expensive popcorn and coldrink, this is definitely for you.
3. You get to spend quality time with friends and family
4. The location Diggers rugby stadium is great and its hard to get a bad seat since the screen is quite visible from anywhere you choose to sit. Bonus points to the organisers for their seating arrangements, separating people who have picnic chairs from people who have picnic blankets eliminating the possibility of getting blocked.
5. Brilliant Picture and sound, nothing is compromised here.

I HOPE....
1. That this can be something regular in the future 
2. More people from the public can contribute to the logistics of making such an event possible, maybe through means of a Outdoor Movie enthusiast club.
3.It can be held in different parts of Joburg and not only restricted to Randburg.
4. A bigger variety of themed movies simultaneously screened around Jozi on a rotational basis, example, 12 Venues, 12 different genres, rotating each month giving each venue an equal opportunity for good variety. 

The KFC Big Movie Experience far exceeded my expectations with their well thought of engaging and interactive viewing experience.The pyrotechnics were well timed and appropriately placed throughout the movie and the Enchantment under the sea dance was stunning to say the least, poignantly bringing one of the most important scenes of the movie to life. Tonight proved that there is a demand for such an event to be more regular and that people are akin to social experiences of watching nostalgic movies. I want more....

Next weekend is the last weekend. So make it a point of going if your weekend is free. Bring a blanket and a picnic basket and escape to KFC's Big Movie Experience! This is a great FREE laid back, wholesome activity to take advantage of while its going on. Take the family, take a date, go with a group of friends and experience something Jozi has been longing for, for a long while now.

Well Done KFC, Big thumbs up for giving back! 

For the Full Programme of events,read KFC Big movie Experience

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