702 Makes Twitter history in South Africa!

On Friday Talk Radio 702 made media history on twitter in South Africa during the bail hearing decision of  Oscar Pistorius. For just over 2 hours, more South Africans than ever before where tuned into twitter, anxiously listening to the live audio Google hangout. Journalists like Barry Bateman, Alex Eliseev and Mandy Wiener set new standards with their online reporting, making use of all the social media tools at their disposal thereby dramatically increasing their following.

Its not that they were just reporting what was going on in court, as a team, they are dynamic, offering insightful reporting and along the way educating the public of the intricacies of legal principals and interpretation. For the past week the South African public including myself were schooled in law 101, which made it absolutely fascinating to listen to ordinary people throw around terms and phrases like "putative self-defence", "dolus eventualis"and "a state of mind akin to that of a reasonable man" in their arguments on both the radio and in the work places. Their reporting and informative tweets with resourceful links have empowered people with the interpretive skills to logically debate opposing sides of the case.

I think, like myself, lots of people out there have Google Plus accounts but haven't really used it much till Mandy Weiners live Google hangouts. In this past week, I have constructively started using my Google plus account for the first time since signing up for it over a year ago. The stream of tweets were fast and furious and for two hours on Friday afternoon, I was in awe of how my twitter feed came to a standstill and the only tweets I could see were #OscarPistorius related from mostly Talk Radio 702 reporters, at one point a follower even threatened to unfollow me because I was disturbing his Oscar tweet stream.

As social media is evolving, the landscape of reporting in South Africa is rapidly changing and its incredible to watch how reporters are becoming superstars on the internet.

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