Internet Radio Listenership is growing in South Africa

The advent of online radio has taken off in a big way this year in South Africa, attributed to many factors, the most prominent being faster ADSL home internet connections as well as the vast array of apps available supporting online streaming of your favourite radio stations to mobile handsets. Internet Radio startups like Ballz Radio and 2Oceansvibe are proving to be a formidable force and are pioneering the way in reinventing the age old industry by presenting it to a younger platform of techno savvy listeners by marrying web content and traditional radio to give you a more interactive richer experience.

With Ballz and 2Oceansvibe, listeners get the complete social media experience and are able to interact with presenters using twitter and facebook, many other commercial radio stations offer a similar experience but their websites and social media ecosystems are not as intimate with the listeners as ballz and 2oceans are.

One radio station that is reinventing itself is Eastwave Fm, a community radio station based in Lenasia. Having revamped their website recently, Eastwave now offers listeners a variety of new ways to listen and interact with their station in the most convenient and unobtrusive way. Using the Nobex Radio player, you are now able to download the radio streaming app to your android and blackberry handset and listen to Eastwave Fm.If you are a desktop user, you have four options, you can listen to the station through the website or you can download the playlist files for Winamp, windows media player and real player to your desktop so that you have ease of access through your favourite media player and don't have to keep visiting the site whenever you want to listen to the station.

To listen to Eastwavefm on your mobile, Visit the EastwaveFM website, select the link that corresponds with your mobile handset and follow the link to the app store, below are instructions for setting up the nobex app on you android device

Nobex is one of the many apps available to listen to your favourtite station via streaming media, unlike tunein radio,which is my personal favourite app, Nobex hosts streams from various streaming servers and is much easier to setup.

Apps like Nobex are making technology more accessible to radio stations wanting to leverage more listenership from the internet and at the rate the radio medium is evolving, stations that are adopting the internet along with social media are benefiting with growing and loyal listenership.

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