The Amazing Spider-man reviewed - Without spoilers

The Amazing Spider-man swings into our local theatres today, having already watched on its premier night, this adaptation of Spidey is definitly an interesting one, casting Andrew Garfield as Spider-man was a great choice, the story has been re written but references a great deal from the original Spider-man movie with Tobey Maguire. Garfield is a brilliant actor, who really brings out the genius in Peter Parker with his thoughtful and introspective personality.

There is a lot more focus on Peter in this movie as an academic and Marc Webb reminds us of Peter Parkers undeniably intelligence, it could quite easily be perceived that if it were not for the circumstances of the spider bite, Peter Parker would still have the proclivity to have contributed to humanity in some other way.  Over the past ten years since Spider-man 1, much has changed about how we interpret heroes and villains, Andrew Garfields personality doesn't undergo a serious over haul when he becomes Spider-man, in fact because our perception of the modern day geek has changed so dramatically to geeks being cool, Peter Parkers transition in this movie into Spider-man is a very different one.

Garfields character is far more conflicted than Maguire's was and there is definitly more accountability to his character. The movie is very fast paced and director Marc Webbs attention to detail in the action sequence is remarkable, we see a more agile Spider-man whose movements are sharper, helped along with many creative camera angles, unlike the Avengers, the 3d works very well here. Aunt May and Uncle Ben are played by veteran actors Martin Sheen and Sally Field. Aunt Mays role is not as prominent as it was in Raimis rendition but is very much more effective. Gwen Stacy played by Emma Stone is Peters love interest in this movie, their on screen chemistry is really authentic and both plausible and infectious, their storyline works very well, more so because Gwen Stacy isn't just a helpless victim, she has an intellect that rivals Peters and because of her family background she can understand and accept Peters values and principles as Spider-man also Marc Webbs sweet natured take on high school dating adds more impetus to their relationship.

By now you have already established that the Lizard who's alter ego is Dr. Curt Connors played by Rhys Ifans is the villain in the movie. Ifans strength in this movie is best played as Dr. Curt Connors where he delivers a very heartfelt and likeable performance, I was not too impressed at the Lizard and his villainous motivations, it just seemed very feeble, I think that the role of the villain was seriously under played to the mercy of telling Peter Parkers untold story. The movie has a beautiful soundtrack composed by James Horner and unlike the original Danny Elfman score which is equally brilliant, this version of the film doesn't rely as much on the music as the original movie did

This movie is very similar to Spider-man 1, it is essentially the same story and after watching it you may feel that it hasn't really accomplished anything, this is not a sequel it is a reboot of the original, who's primary mission is to reveal a new storyline in the Spider-man mythology. With that said, Marc Webb draws his inspiration for this story from the original Spider-man comic book and hits the nail on the head reinventing the nuances of Spider-man in a very imaginative and thought provoking way.

Be sure to watch the 5 minute summary of the original trilogy before watching the new movie and look out for Stan Lee, one of his best roles yet. The Amazing Spider-man opens countrywide today.
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