Whats wrong with this picture? Mcdonalds demystifies Burger Advertising

Burger comparison, left half bought from Mcd's 2. Right half photo shopped
How many times have you walked into a fast food restaurant and ordered that Juicy burger pictured on the big advertising banner only to be served with something that barely resembles the photo, or do you remember that scene from Falling Down where an irate Michael Douglas is served a miserable excuse for a hamburger, I'm sure, when he asked "Can anybody tell me whats wrong with this picture" he would have loved to have seen this video.

As part of their campaign to "demystify the process of burger advertising", Mcdonalds Canada produced this short video explaining the concept of food fashioning and what the difference is from the burger you eat to the Juicy burger on their advertising billboard.
The explanation is part of an initiative by McDonald's Canada to "open the virtual doors" and address customers' growing curiosity about food along with "the prevalence of myths," said spokeswoman Karin Campbell.

"The growth of online and social platforms facilitates the asking of questions and the getting of answers — that's how customers engage," Campbell said. "That conversation is already happening. We really want to be part of it."

McDonald's Canada, in their effort to become more part of the global conversation on the internet have created a forum on their website that allows customers to openly evaluate their experience at the Giant fast food chain and ask any questions relating to aspects of the fast food chain they aren't too comfortable with.

The video was shot in response to one of the questions; others include "How much food do you deep fry in a day?" and "Why does it take unnaturally long for your food to spoil?"

Well, at least we all have the opportunity now to be Morgan Spurlocks......Check out the food fashioning video, then check out the Michael Douglas clip (hillarious).
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