The Shadow World

The Shadow World is an expose of the corrupt dealings in the shady arms business globally, written by Andrew Feinstein who previously wrote "After the party", where he revealed explosive details of what actually happened in the South African Arms Deal Saga.

This podcast was originally aired on Thursday morning on Redi Thlabi's show where Feinstein was being interviewed about his book because of its shortlist nomination into the Sunday Times Literary Awards 2012.

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Pulling back the curtain on the secretive world of the global arms trade, Andrew Feinstein reveals the corruption and the cover-ups behind weapons deals ranging from the largest in history - between the British and Saudi governments - to BAE's controversial transactions in South Africa, Tanzania and eastern Europe, and the revolving-door relationships that characterise the US Congressional-Military-Industrial Complex. He exposes in forensic detail both the formal government-to-government trade in arms and the shadow world of illicit weapons dealing - and lays bare the shocking and inextricable links between the two.
The Shadow World places us in the midst of the arms trade's dramatic wheeling and dealing, ranging from corporate boardrooms to seedy out-of-the-way hotels via far-flung offshore havens, and reveals the profound danger this network represents to all of us.

As compelling and interesting as After the Party was, This book sounds like a must read too, watch the video and listen to the podcast for more insight into this meticulously researched book. Shadow World is Selling on for R252-95 click here to the buy this book.
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