Flipboard finally comes to Android!!

Download Flipboard for Android here
Flipboard is a news and social aggregator, similar to the way RSS feeds works, except with a cutting edge difference, it turns your internet into a magazine and this makes for a really exciting an unique experience.

Amongst the many advantages of Flipboard, you can now, through one platform, view all the latest news from all those awesome sites you have subscribed to but generally have forgotten about because you have to access them through so many different sites and this is Flipboards main purpose, to make the internet more functional. Having used it now for the last two days for the first time ever, I am ridiculously impressed at the ability to view the internet as a magazine. More particularly, it adds a new dimension to Twitter and Facebook.

The app, named app of the year in 2010 made its final release on Googles App store early on Friday morning, it has however been available on Samsungs Galaxy SIII and will be shipped with the device. For the moment, Flipbook is only available to Android smartphone users, tablet users wishing to download and use this app, will have to deal with the smartphone version until Flipbook developers release the fully functional tab version.

“People are amazed by all the things they can see on Flipboard, and often the most personal and interesting stories come from friends,” Flipboard CEO Mike McCue said in the statement. “Today we have over 2000 featured content partners from around the world and, now with the addition of Google+ and YouTube, we have all of the popular social networks for our readers to sit back and enjoy.”

Like Instagram, Flipboard has previously been available to only advantaged Ipad users but as the digital line continues to blur, developers are moving away from exclusivity deals and making their applications available to a broader base of smartphone users making the web a more exciting place for everybody.
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