Ultimate Spiderman

Ultimate Spiderman is a new story premiering tomorrow on Disney's XD channel with  the same cast but a completely different style of story telling, its the first time marvel are using their own production studios
with their own writers and artists giving them more creative direction in making its own show with more elements from the comic book, there are more tie ins from the movie and cameos from other marvel characters both good and bad guys. The story has a stronger unifying theme where Spiderman doesn't seem to be just randomly fighting the usual bad guys and dealing with his usual teenage problems of trying to fit in.
Super Spy Nick Fury plays a bigger role in this Spiderman than any of the other previous animated versions, Ulitmate Spiderman uses the voice talents of seasoned actors as well as actors who are crossing over from marvels movie versions. Nick fury is played by Chi Mcbride. Clark Gregg is Agent Coulson, J.K Simmons from the Tobey Maguire Spiderman films voices the irritable character of the Daily Bugle editor J. Jonah Jameson. Steven Weber voices the powerful and villianous Industrialist Norman Osborn,  something new which we haven't yet seen before in any of the animated versions are the array of gadgets that Spiderman uses provided to him by S.H.I.E.L.D,amongst some of them from what I've seen in the trailer so far, is the Iron Spider Armor  made and developed by Tony Stark for Spiderman, I also see that they have given Spiderman a motorbike, something toy making company's are probably relishing the opportunity to market.

Spideys last animated outing was the Spectacular Spiderman which aired about two years ago, I thought that show was pretty awesome too but only two seasons were made before it was canned. With the Marvel Universe developing so nicely on the big screen, I hope that Ultimate Spiderman marks the beginning of a whole new animated Marvel Universe

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