Afrihost is making public Wifi more Accessible

 If you are like myself and go around malls looking for unsecured wifi networks to bum off, this is for you. I subscribed to Afrihosts wifi service earlier on today, the service allows me to take my ADSL Gb's with me almost anywhere I go. So basically, the fee that I'm paying, I can use my 10gb ADSL data on my cellphone at any wifi hotspot which means im not so dependant on the Vodacom network for data anymore.
Being a mall rat, this is great for me, I already know where most of the "Alwayson" Wifi networks are that  I never had access to before.I think making public Wifi  hotspots more accessible in this way is a great idea.

Read more below about how this service will work

 Message from Giaan Visser - Afrihost CEO  

How'd you like to use your Afrihost GBs when you're out of your office or home?

In a restaurant? At a hotel? At the airport?
One of my guilty pleasures is sneaking away from work and enjoying a great meal at my favourite restaurant. While working away merrily using my Afrihost GBs!

(In fact I can see my burger on it's way now!)

Now you can free up your Afrihost GBs with our new product 'ADSL + WiFi'. This allows you to use your GBs at thousands of AlwaysOn hotspots nationwide:
Mugg & Bean
Doppio Zero
City Lodge
Holiday Inn

And these are just a few of the places you can use your GBs with our new product. So here are the money questions:

How much does it cost?

You'll get all your GBs Wifi enabled for just R70 extra per month So instead of paying for your account example if like myself you have a 10gb account that is R190-00, you'll pay Afrihost  R190 + R70-00 in the future.

And you can use as many of these GBs as you'd like at the available hotspots.

How do you make your Account Wifi enabled?

Log into Client Zone and then click the 'Upgrade Now" button:
Your GBs will then be instantly Wifi enabled at all the AlwaysOn hotspots nationwide.

When (and how much) will you be billed?

You'll pay the extra R70 within the next few days to immediately wifi-enable your GBs for November.
And then from next month you will pay the combined amount of R260 i.e. Your current ADSL (190) + Your Wifi premium (70))

Where can you use you Wifi-Enabled GBs?

At the thousands of AlwaysOn hotspots around the country (you can locate a hotspot here: )So if you'd like to free up those ADSL GBs of yours to be mobile then go ahead and get your ADSL + Wifi account now

I wish you many enjoyable 'work' hours ahead!

Warm regards


P.S. Remember you can enable your  ADSL GBs you have with us for use at thousands of hotspots around the country. No need to be tied down to your home or office to surf up a storm anymore.

Go ahead and treat yourself now: Go to 
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