Tutu Spits Fire on Anc Government

It is sad that our Governments allegiances are to money and not to the integrity of our constitution, the ANC is a disgrace to the principles it was founded upon. The Chinese who consider the Dalai Lama to be a seperatist do so in the same way the apartheid regime considered ANC members to be terrorists. Im sure that some time in the future there will be some kind of China Gate scandal investigation where all our greasy hand puppet politicians will be exposed.

Our consitiution is founded on the principles of Human rights (read the preamble of our constitution, (We the people of South Africa, recognise the injustices of our past.....) Somewhere along the line Jay Zed and his bras forgot about this. Recognising the ANC and their corrupt practices is a good start toward realising that this nationalist government is no different from its predecessor but how do we uninstall the ANC from power and elect the correct people when the ANC's dishonest policies ensure that the masses remain uneducated to keep them in power.

Imagine putting up a "Right Of Admission Reserved" for a Nobel Peace Prize Winner, its as if our government are hellbent on making arses of themselves and all of us the world over, the rest of the free world should sanction against the ANC government and their Jackass International Relation Policies.

Check out the Video above of a visibly shaken Archbishop and click here to download and listen to an Interview with Redi Thlabi and the Archbishops reaction to his statement at the above press conference
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