Something Big is Coming

About two years ago I read about Pranav Mistrys intriguing new sixth sense device, a device that augments reality and fuses it with a digital world allowing you to interact with the internet in a way never imagined, his talk at TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) captured the imaginations of the audience and was received with thunderous applause.
Yesterday I read about Microsoft's OmniTouch that turns any surface into a touch screen, Similar in design to the Microsoft Kinect for the Xbox 360, the OmniTouch device uses a camera that senses short-range depth, a small pico projector and a 3D modeling system to understand where the user is touching. The projector and the camera have to be calibrated to the user in order for the touch system to accurately match up to the user’s actions. The device can sense when a user’s hand if hovering over the surface as well as understand the depth when a user taps a button on the main surface.

Microsoft are also in the process of developing the Holodesk, Microsoft uses a Kinect to help create a holographic desk that it is calling, the HoloDesk, it allows users to interact with 3D holographic objects and they can even operate a holographic touchscreen phone, one very similar to Pranav Mistrys device developed 2 years ago, technology is evolving rapidly, with the web becoming more interactive researchers and developers are looking at more intuitive and dynamic ways of delivering information to the end user.

As technology is becoming more accessible and more affordable, the internet is becoming far more interactive than it ever was, people are consuming more information, sharing ideas and actually communicating more in the real world. There is limitless potential to this new technology and where we will be in the next years with mobile technology is going to be both exciting and interesting.

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