The Prawns are back in Town

Died by the star
The Prawns are back in town, this past weekends thunderstorms were extremely violent and in certain areas uprooting trees.In the spirit of halloween I was paid a visit by a rather unexpected trick or treater. I got home late this evening, I left my windows open all day . After entering my place, I saw him slowly walk from under the L Shape sofa toward the kitchen, this was a big guy and  he knew it, thats why he had a slow and arrogant walk. Prawns mostly come in after the rains, looking for warm wooden places to take refuge from the wet weather. His chitinous exoskeleton looked greasy, with his long antenaes making tiny circles as he felt his way around my caramel carpet like it was his own. Its been a while since I've seen a prawn almost a whole year, seeing them whenever you do though is always too soon and always comes with the same shock factor.

2nd prawn siting
Any sudden movement would have attracted his attention to me, his ovipositer was huge and very threatening the only weapon I had close was a ninja star, I aligned all of my ninja senses and threw it at him, I missed, he jumped, I jumped onto the granite kitchen top, in a state of panic he squirted out some brownish prawn juice onto the carpet, by this time I made into the kitchen and grabbed a broom, when I looked over into the tv area, he disappeared. The next 39 minutes were extremely long, scouring my place looking for him in corners and under beds, Kate Turkington on 702 wasn't making it any easier playing ghostbusters and talking about ghost stories.

3rd Prawn siting
Eventually, I heard a shuffle, it was coming from the flower arrangement next to the tv, he was there all the time nicely disguised amongst the reddish bronzes. I carefully tapped him off, when he landed he hopped up against the white wall and tried to make a run for it, when prawns run they look like they are running in stop animation, very unrealistic. I whacked him with the broom about 5 times, then another 3 times afterward,s and he was still alive, so I picked him up with the kitchen spade, took him outside and threw him into the neighbours yard.

This is my fourth encounter with the prawn and my experiences with them have only made me more paranoid to want to always toss my bed properly before I sleep, survey the floors, check under the bed and always check inside my shoes before putting them on.

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