The New Avengers Trailer

The Long awaited Avengers trailer is finally, filled with  explosives, tight costumes and cheesy one liners. Well worth the wait? I'm not sure just yet, the trailer is still very vague but at least we have a better of what to expect, I'm not very happy with Captain Americas new costume design and I think Thors Armor looks too campy a bit on the cartoony side of things.

With so many super heroes in one movie its going to be interesting to see how their collective efforts help the movie to its big pay day, but i think this franchise of superheroes is in safe and capable hands, particularly if they stick to the plot of Earths Mightiest Heroes. This being the first of marvels movies released through Walt Disney im sure in the months to come if the trailer debut is anything to go by we can expect to see a massive marketing campaign that will be the beginning of a new era of toys and cartoons.

Check out the Newest Avengers Trailer, definitely cant wait for it to hit the big screens. 
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