The Lenasia HCC Diwali Festival

 I've just returned from this years HCC Diwali Festival that took place at the Lenasia Stadium. This is the first year for me attending this event, I got to hear about it through a close friend living in Lenasia. The event, like the Newtown Diwali event I attended last week, started early in the afternoon at 2pm, I only got there a few minutes after 7pm armed with my point and shoot digital camera I was eagerly anticipating the much hyped firework spectacular.

 The event was organised by the Hindu Coordinating Committee and is a staple Diwali event of the community now going onto its 19th year. The entrance fee was R5 and parking around the Lenasia Stadium was a premium. When we entered shortly after 7pm there was a power failure and none of the stalls had any electricity but this only lasted for about 5 minutes, a minor hiccup. For the rest of the 3 hours that I was there, I was treated to great music, excellent performances by local dance schools and plenty of opportunities to fine tune my event photography skills,

I heard that the Milans firework display is a spectacle of immeasurable proportions that will keep you awe struck for its duration, that description may just be a little bit over the top but I think it deserves a mention, it was however an amazing marathon display that gave me lower back pains from looking up into the sky as it was being lit with luminous fountains of giant light whose sound traveled through the warm quiet night of lens south 

There was plenty of traditional Indian food and sweet meats sold at the stalls, I think most of the stalls were consistently overpriced, something I speculate may be caused by the rent stall holders are paying to secure their spot. Speaking from what I saw, I think the audience was more than satisfied and came out in numbers to support this local event which has ingratiated itself into there lives.

Diwali Festivals are always very colouful and entertaining and todays event was just that, a really big difference and definitely more lively than last weeks event at Newtown, I think more so because you can feel the pulse of the community.

Next weeks event takes place in Sandton on Saturday the 29th October 2011 between 2pm and 10pm at George Lea park, entrance is free, click here to visit the official event page.
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