Mortal Kombat Legacy Episode 9

The Final episode of Mortal Kombat Legacy was finally released on Sunday at Comic Con after almost a two month break marking the end of this monumental Series. Cyrax and Sektor, the feature characters from the Mk universe are anatomically re engineered cyborg assassins from the Lin Keui clan. The episode doesn't go into much detail about who they really are or what their purpose will be after they have been created, I think its fair to say that the directors choice to maintain their veil of mysticism is in line with their ninja storyline, the less said about their origins the better.

The design of their armor is very close to that of the game using similar effects to Marvels Iron Man costume but with more flexibility for their flashy acrobatic axe kicks, with that said, the fight scenes are elaborate, fast paced and marvelously choreographed. There is fine line between the cgi and the live action in this episode, the director has to be commended for his adventurous use of anime and cgi in delivering this refreshing interpretation of Mortal Kombat. The episode is a full 8:54secs long, wasting no time with recaps.

"Enhanced speed by implementing a lighter alloy, separated titanium plates with heat sensitive plastic, weaponisation and emotional recalibration" 
The Lin Kuei Surgeon on the  transformation process

So where to from here, Fans have been anxiously waiting for Comic Con weekend for this finale and the long awaited news of a possible surprise announcement of a season two or maybe a movie, No announcement was made, so is this the end? In my humble opinion, I think these webisodes are good enough motivation for a full length feature film, with a little bit of tweaking here and there it could breath new life into an already successful franchise.

Be sure to watch the second video in this article, it features Hundar of Earth Realm from Machinima interviewing the actors, Ian Anthony Dale (Scorpion), Matt Mullins (Johnny Cage), Peter Shinkoda (Sektor), Shane Warren Jones (Cyrax)  and the director (Kevin Tancharoen) at the comic con press room where it was released on Sunday Afternoon.

If you haven't yet seen any episodes of Mortal Kombat legacy, head over to their Channel, follow this link to Mortal Kombat Legacy and subscribe.
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