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The two Apps in this review are comic book readers, having recently completed watching AMC's hit television series The Walking Dead, I scoured the net and stumbled upon the equally compelling Walking Dead graphic novel currently on part 87. I am using an app called Comic Rack on my PC to read the comic book series but when I am not in front of my PC I use one of two comic book readers on my smartphone, either Comic Reader Mobi or Android Comic Viewer.

The first App is called Comic Reader Mobi and is compatible over multiple mobile platforms, Android, Apple, Blackberry, Windows and the Ipad, its available on all markets and on Android retails for R101-72. This app utilises your devices full screen using a focused magnifier wherever you tap on the screen to magnify text to a readable size, the app controls are simple and intuitive and features very cool page flipping animations.Whenever you click on the screen , Comic reader mobi scans the section you clicked on and finds all the text nearby. It then uses this information to create a lens that is optimally sized to display just the text. With no wasted space you get to see the entire comic page and clearly read the text on it. Click here to Download Comic Reader Mobi from Android Market.

The Second App is called Droid Comic Viewer also known as ACV, this app is only available on Android phones and is free on the android market. Droid comic viewer is free and is a light weight comic viewer that doesn't have any flashy animations. The company, Robot Comics is responsible for creating the app also publish and produce mobile comics specifically for hand helds, although the controls are limited, the app is easier to install and quickly more compatible , I use the fit width and landscape for my scaling mode on my phone, the text in landscape is readable but you can also use the pinch to zoom option to make bigger portions of the page that you feel aren't really visible enough. Click here to download from Android Market 
QR Code to download ACV

or simply scan the QR Code to download ACV from the Android Market.

Both apps are CBZ/ZIPACV, CBR/RAR, JPEG, PNG and BMP compatible, these are the formats graphics novels and comic books are available for download.

Overall both apps are great and in the end you could easily find yourself using ACV, as it is a more convenient and stable app, loads faster, transitions faster and the scaling in landscape is a very convenient size and its free.

Visit the Official Droid Comic Viewer app website here.
Visit the Official Comic Reader Mobi app website here.
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