The Amazing Spider-Man

Almost 1 full year before its release date of 03 July 2012, the first trailer of the new Spider-Man movie which is currently in its post production was released earlier on today. Starring Andrew Garfield as The Amazing Spider-Man and directed by Marc Webb.

The trailer depicts Peter Parkers personality in a very different light from Sam Raimis interpretation. Andrew Garfield is tall, lanky and looks very much like the Spider-Man from the Ultimate Spider-Man series, coincidentally or maybe not he is 27 years old, just like Tobey Maguire was when he first donned the Spidey costume.The movie feels much more mature and has a star studded line up, starring Martin Sheen and Sally field as Uncle Ben and Aunt May, Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey and Dennis Leary as Captain George Stacy. The trailer isn't very revealing of the complete storyline we can expect but it indulges itself in an origin story that delves into the darker mythology of Stan Lees original creation, giving us insight into Peter Parkers past which is rarely or almost never shown because up until now it has always been shrouded in mystery.

I am not sure who the villain or villains are yet, although the trailer does provide subtle hints, getting a first person point of view of Spideys acrobatics and flight scenes in the trailer is a very refreshing creative touch, a major change and a very welcomed one in Spideys new costume are his web shooters, the rest of the costume looks very similar to Ultimate Spider-man.

This trailer along with final episode of Mortal Kombat legacy will be shown at the annual San Diego Comic Convention (Comic Con), starting tomorrow and ending on Sunday,wish I could be there. I think Andrew Garfield will do great as the new Spidey and I welcome this reboot as a new addition to the franchise, Sam Raimi seemed very exhausted in the last Spider-man movie.

The Movie is titled "The Amazing Spider-Man" and you can watch the trailer right here. Enjoy!
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