Windows 8

Microsoft's new Windows 8 leverages itself off integrating the Internet onto your desktop,something they have been trying to get right for years since Windows 98, the design looks and feel very much like the Windows 7 phones. Apps on the system are represented by tiles instead of using the traditional icons that we have become so accustomed to on previous Windows Os's. Although the tiles add more character to the application, Windows 8 seems like it has been developed with lots of focus on social networking.

The design allows both touch screen and keyboard/mouse interaction. The multi-tasking is seamless and fluid using a function called snap that simultaneously allows to gesture one app over another without interrupting any process flows. It seems that windows have overhauled their user interface in anticipation of the functionality that the influx of tablet technology will bring to the market.

If Windows 7 mobile is anything to go by, with its unconventional original design,  we can expect great things from Windows next OS set for release sometime in 2012. The user interface will make a big difference in the way windows 8 will integrate itself into peoples lives, no longer are computers are luxury, its a necessity.

I am definitely looking forward to it. The concept video above beautifully details windows capabilities on this new platform.
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