Mortal Kombat Episode 9 Postponed

Cyrax, the mechanised assasin
Thats Right, there is no Mortal Kombat today, Director Kevin Tancharden broke the news on twitter on Sunday Evening.

'Bad News: there will be no new episode next week. Good News: we will premiere the new episode at Comic Con!!!!'

The final episode which is to feature Cyrax and Sektor will only be released between July 21-24 at Comic Con, 1  MONTH AND 13 DAYS!!!!!. Rumours are making its rounds that the final episode will bring with it a surprise announcement, I love surprises,A second season maybe? how about the long awaited movie with a gritty trailer like rebirth that got us all excited? Comic Con is renowned for surprise announcements.

The conclusion of series is expected to be followed by a Blu-Ray and DVD release in the near future, with extended episodes, uncut footage, and bonus behind-the-scenes fight scene content.

I dont know if I can hold my breath till then, but for MK, lets give it a try. In the meantime enjoy this profile pic of Cyrax.

Go here to read more about the final episode
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