Eskoms Load Shedding Schedule for winter 2011

Source : The Underground 411
There has been a plenty of confusion surrounding Eskom and whether they really are going to implement their plans with load-shedding. What we know so far is that it is just a precautionary measure should the system become unstable during the colder parts of winter. With winter really settling in, the national grid has been under tremendous pressure.

Businesses are the worst affected during load shedding, Eskom are however more transparent with their intentions and are collaborating with big businesses to do their part.
At least this time around, when the power outages happen, we can be more prepared than we were in 2007. The schedule is very neatly prepared with an algorithm in place that ensures all areas in the country are equally affected by the least amount of time.

Be sure to download a copy of Eskoms load shedding schedule from their site
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