Champion League Finals 2011

The match between Manchester United and Barcelona was really a one sided affair with Barcelona running rings around a totally dispirited red devil side who had over the years tormented many a strong  team.

Do Manchester United have to re-organise their team to take on the best in the world after their humiliating defeat? While they have had very talented mid-fielders over the years who have delivered especially in the English league, it would certainly appear as if this talent needs to be re-energised to meet formidable challenges from other great teams outside the English League.

Wayne Rooney Scores Wonder-Goal Equalizer
Do they have to follow the example of Barcelona in having a very solid midfield with the likes of Xavi , Busquets  and Iniesta, which allows the brilliance of Messi to freely roam the park and score goals at will? This is something sorely missing in the Red Devils outfit. Come on Red devil supporters give me your candid viewpoints about whether Manchester United need to change their style of play so that they are adequately equipped to meet the challenges of Europe.

Week after week Manchester United beat English teams at will but yet when they face the might of Barcelona they looked just as ordinary as the teams they beat in the English League
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