Vodacoms Data Rip Off!!

Am I the only here that smells a Rat? Owning a smartphone, tablet or Ipad if you do not rely on WiFi can be a very costly affair, devices that have internal modems pay more for broadband than devices that use external modems on the Vodacom network. The Mofaya Data plan is not available to smartphone users.

*From 1 May to 31 July 2011,Vodacom will be giving  2GB of data every month on a Broadband Standard MyGig 2 Contract for R149 per month. That’s not all… They’re bringing back Night Owl by popular demand, which means you will get another 2GB of data free every month to use between midnight and 5am.
The offer also includes:
A 7.2 Mbps modem
FREE Geek support voucher which entitles you to one FREE 2-hour visit or in-store technical support to help you get started. 2GB of data with carry-over to the last day of the next calendar month An extra Night Owl data bundle with 2GB FREE data to use between midnight and 5am. FREE Premium Email FREE Geek support voucher. Furthermore this deal is available to the consumer on a 12 month Data Contract

If however you own a smartphone like myself and are on a prepaid contract, you could very well end up paying R2.00 per mb if nobody told you that you need to purchase a data bundle. The Data bundle prices although cheaper than the R2.00 out of bundle per mb pricing is still substantially more expensive than the 2GB deal above that retails 1mb at approx 7.6cents per mb.I don't understand why smartphone users aren't privileged to the same deals as those who have external modems, the price structure shouldn't differ as the data is the same.Vodacoms mobile data pricing is ridiculous. Below is a breakdown of Vodacoms Broadband Standard Costs.



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