Riaad Moosa - Bin Laden Parody on LNN

The parody of Osama Bin Laden performed by Riaad Moosa on the LNN Show that aired on etv this past Wednesday night at 9:30pm landed the talented Muslim comedian in hot water amongst the Muslim community, the 2 and a half minute rehashed "I'll be missing you" video originally composed by P Diddy in commemoration to his best friend Notorious BIG was creatively compiled as a parody By Riaad Moosa and sees the comic performing as an Alqaeda operative lamenting at the loss of his comrade Osama. The video is hilarious, especially the Faith Evans parts played by some dude wearing a burka. Riaad is a master of his craft and this video in my opinion easily ranks up there with  the best of Wierd Al Yankovich's parodies.

You cant help but laugh and embrace the silliness of the video and accept it with the intention that it was made. South Africans are too sensitive and often restrict artists from venturing into social and cultural parody, artists have to tip toe and carefully sensor their material to accommodate closed minded individuals who want to remain in their comfort zones of ignorance and zero tolerance. We have amazing comedic talent in South Africa who are reinventing stand up comedy, I don't think that it was necessary for Riaad to go through the trouble of issuing an apology to the Muslim community but I do accept that Riaad may have felt obligated to do so because of the manner in which the Muslim community have so far supported his career, even so, if he does feel that way, he is imposing restrictions on himself and sooner or later he will realise that it is not healthy to apologise because it will stunt his creative growth

Please click here for the detailed response from Riaad Moosa to the Muslimah, protectors and guardians of Shariah Law. Riaads response is from the heart and done so with absolute humility. I strongly concur with his point of view and the apologetic respectfulness that he received the criticism with. I understand the valid points in the discussion document by Muslimah, the detailed argument presented in the form of an essay is filled with scholarly references to Islam and the salient representative ideologies of Shariah.

I think Riaads diligent response to Muslimahs critically academic discussion is indicative of his calibre and commitment to his own staunch religious practice. I have so much more respect for Riaad Moosa for defending his intentions but at the same time still remaining humble to his beliefs and loyal to his Muslim supporters by honouring this criticism with a dignified and sober response.

Keep up the good work LNN, its good to be finally entertained by Local Stand Up Comedians who are genuinely passionate about their industry.

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