Naked News and Pastor Errol Naidoo

Pastor Errol Naidoo  of the Family Protection Institute(FPI) and Film and Publication Board CEO Ms. Yoliswa Makhasi were recently interviewed on talk Radio 702 by Keeno Kammies during the Redi Thlabi show about the FPI's national switch off campaign aimed at national broadcaster Etv to remove Naked News. Naked News is an alternative news channel where female news readers present the news naked. The crux of Pastor Errol Naidoos argument is the following,

"Millions of Christians are sick and tired of the moral decay in society. The sexual exploitation of women and children fueled by pornography contributes significantly to the rape and sexual abuse of women and children in South Africa". 

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Pastor Errol Naidoo
I think Pastor Errol Naidoo is quietly smoking the good stuff somewhere, but I do agree with one of his points,  why does it have to be on national television with  no means of blocking content, I think it certainly is a point to consider, for a technology to be put into place to govern and block content by viewers at their will who wish to exercise more responsible viewing if it is causing such an uproar with the film and publication board, the family protection institute and many concerned citizens that the obscene nudity is offensive to many  and potentially harmful to young children. But if something like this is instituted, does responsible broadcasting with censorship means make for more responsible parenting? I don't think so.

But why be selective about the map of moral values and ethics that should be imposed on the South African society, why encourage a national switch off campaign? The family protection institute believe that adults accessing porno is harmful to marriage and sexual relations. Nobody has boycotted Etv's Friday action night, nobody has complained about the obscene violence exhibited on the WWE to the extent Pastor Errol Naidoo is contesting Naked News, doesn't violence on television encourage young children to be more violent and aggressive, and is it also not harmful on the influence it has on woman in abused relationships that are assaulted as a result of violent movies on etv? I think that accessing violence on television contributes more to violent crimes in South Africa than accessing porno contributes the overall rape statistic, but this is just my example of comparative arguments to measure the consistency of Pastor Errol Naidoos selective censorship argument.

The Pastor goes on to explain that when different constitutional rights come into conflict with other constitutional rights like freedom of expression and the rights of the children, the rights of children take precedence, he says that they are not asking for censorship but are asking for responsibility and firmly believes that it is a criminal offence that is being perpetrated by Etv when they air Naked news and strongly argues that for every child that is exposed to naked news pornography, Etv must be sued.

The Family Protection Institutes arguments are a load of bollocks and are not consistent enough for their argument to deregulate the airing of naked news.

  • censorship won't solve the root causes of rape and violence in society
  • deciding what is "acceptable" content is necessarily a subjective exercise
  • many of the plays, books and films banned in the past are considered classics today
  • it's up to individuals and not governments to decide what's appropriate for themselves and their children

Pastor Errol Naidoos notable achievements in the media is the reversed policies of his christian magazine to remain on the shelf of Woolworths even though it was not selling, he threatened to mobilize all South Africans to stop shopping at Woolworths unless they endorsed his Christian magazine and the reversed policy of the 24 hour porn channel that was to air on DSTV.

Be sure to download and listen to the podcasted debate above with Pastor Errol Naidoo and Talk Radio 702 presenter Keeno Kammies just below the video.

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