Mortal Kombat Legacy Ep 6 - Raiden

In this latest episode of Mortal Kombat we are introduced to Lord Raiden, God of thunder, the story wastes no time getting straight to the point, be warned however this adaptation of Raiden takes a completely different route in the way they introduce his storyline.

Kevin Tencharden has been very bold venturing the Mortal Kombat franchise into new and exciting territory, Raiden is the cornerstone character of all mortal kombat mythology and his character in this weeks episode is played by Ryan Robbins ( I have always wondered why Raiden was never ever played by an asian actor, taking into account that the original Raiden is based on the the Raiden from Big trouble in little china.

This episode utilised all of its 12 minutes effectively without any recaps and just like the Johnny Cage legacy story is absolutely entertaining. I am really glad that the director is strongly focusing on the storyline and really developing the characters. Enjoy this weeks episode.
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