Tron price check

The sci fi fantasy film Tron was released on dvd and bluray countrywide on Thursday 21 April. This is my favourite Sci Fi movie of the year so far.
The first movie originally released in 1982 did not receive favourable reviews but was lauded for its stunning special effects that heralded a new age in modern cinema. Although sci fi movies had already been featuring special effects long before Tron, Tron was the first to use computerised visuals on such a grand scale.

Now almost 30 years later. Jeff Bridges Reprises his Roles as Kevin Flynn, CEO of Encom and the Evil Clu (Codified Likeness Utility) likened in the image of his creator Kevin Flynn. The Special effects used to create CLU is nothing short of amazing  and definately sets a new benchmark in visual effects. 

The Recommended retail price for the DVD is R159-95, as it is the price being sold at CNA, Musica and High Fidelty. Pick N Pay are R20-00 below the recommended retail price, selling it for R139-95,  making them the winner once again in my price check.
The DVD bargain bins in Pick N Pay generally have a really good selection of movies at very decent prices, I picked up the Original Batman with Adam West, Burgess Meredith, Cesar Romero and Julie Newmar in a bargain Bin at Rondebosch Pick N Pay during the December holidays for just R40-00.
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